Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Biggest Loser

Did anyone watch tonight??? Absolutely amazing! Who would have thought at the beginning of this season that any of those people could run a marathon??

Who ever does the casting for this show does an awesome job. There's four people left and each one has a truly inspiring story.

There's Tara (the former model) who has lost the most amount of weight of any woman in the history of the show and the highest weight loss percentage of anyone man or woman!

Helen is the oldest female to ever make it to the final 3 and has lost 103lbs!

Finally, there is Mike and Ron who are father and son. One of them won't make it to the final round, which one is decided by going to NBC's website and voting. Mike is the son and he's lost the most weight of anyone in the history of the biggest loser and is half of the only couple still together at the ranch. Ron is Mike's dad and will do just about anything to see his son win. They both had to make a video supposed to be saying why America should vote for them to stay and Ron's video was all about how everyone should vote for Mike. Absolutely amazing...

Season finale is next Tuesday and I know that I'll be tuning in!

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