Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adventures in beginning purse making...

A few months ago my mom gave me a really nice sewing machine. I hadn't really sewn since my high school home ec class but I thought what the heck I'll give it a shot!

So far I've made some really cute little doggy coats that turned out great! (I promise I'll post the tut soon!)

But what I've really wanted to make is purses! I absolutely love all the great handmade purses I see on Etsy and being the delusional freak that I am I thought.....I can totally make one of those!

About three weeks ago I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some great fabrics and was determined to make myself some cute purses. I also bough a (supposedly) super easy 1-2-3 Sew book with a great little bag pattern in it. The sales lady even told me that she recommended this pattern for beginners so I was all excited about my soon to be cute purses....I went home and right away pulled out my new book to find the purse pattern. It said I had to enlarge it to 185% for it to be the right size. Easy right? uhhhhh..........OK I admit I'm not the most technologically advanced so instead I just had my boyfriend (who's much better at drawing than me) just draw me the pattern on newspaper about the size I wanted it.I then cut out the pattern and one piece of fabric

And then the fear set in. You sewers know what I'm talking about......when you put off making something because you're afraid you'll screw it up so it just sits there.....

Finally this morning after I got off work I decided I would go ahead and bite the bullet. I was on a mission. I cut and sewn like there was no tomorrow. I got everything sewn together and pulled the fabric through the little hole to turn it right-side out. I admired the perfect shape of the bag and congratulated myself on the super cute fabric that I had chosen.

And then I noticed something weird.........there was no opening in the bag! I thought maybe I had pulled it out wrong when I turned it right side out so I turned it back. Nope! Maybe it was just the fact that it was my first pillow or maybe it was the fact that I decided to attempt it after working all night but I had some how sewn the top of my purse completely shut!

To my utter horror I had just spend 4 hours making a very complicated purse shaped pillow!! Ugh!

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