Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nobody talks smack about my fur babies!!

Ugh...  I finally meet a guy that's not jail bait, doesn't have 5 baby mama's, and has a j-o-b and now I'm wondering.....is he not very smart or just completely tactless?  

Since we met through mutual friends the other night he found me on facebook and we messaged back and forth on there until I gave him my cell # and he started to text me....alot.....

I played along and text back and forth for a couple hours.  Just asking what each other liked and getting to know you type things and it was all good......until.....I asked him if he has pets....he said no....I said I have 3....2 dogs and a cat....his response was, and I quote, "OMG, the smell!! lol!"    Uhhh excuse me did you just tell me my house stinks?  I text hey! be nice!, thinking he's going to try to cover up his lack of tact by saying....sorry....or just kidding....nope he just says pets aren't for him.   Now anyone that knows me knows that these are my fur-babies and this guy who hasn't even seen them or my house just insulted them and me!  What the???  I rather abruptly told him we'd chat later I needed to go.....possibly I'm in shock?

The next day he starts to text again I ignore him for a few hours...then text sorry been busy!...he asked what are you doing?  which is not really his business but I answer....cleaning my house.  someone (meaning him!!) made me paranoid that my house smells yesterday!.....now I would think after that comment any normal person would see that they'd hit a nerve.  Apparently normal he is not because his next text is......oh too bad we could have done lunch.....uhh really? I don't think so....I quit texting him back.

Today I wake up to another text from him.  Have a great day...blah blah blah.....and a facebookok I didn't say the jerk part........now the important question.......should I delete him from facebook?  or hide my stream form him? or do nothing?  I haven't dated in almost 4 years so someone give me a clue please!! message...you don't seem interested?....really?  you think!!!  After much debating I just messaged back "I don't think we're a good match."  Jerk!........

All comments, anecdotes, and dating for dummies tips welcome!  ;)


Brittney said...

Tina-you did the right thing by just saying "We are not a good match".

Any further communication would have been a waste of your time.

Having been married and divorced, what I learned through that horrendous ordeal is that I will never again change who I am or how I feel about things for someone else. And, if they ask you to, then they don't really care for you.

So, here's your "Atta Girl" for being comfortable with who you are and telling him goodbye before you exhausted anymore energy.

jeff62301 said...

well, my pet screw up was worse -

a girl i had asked out called crying to break our date, saying her pet died, i asked what it was, she said her cat.

my response "at least it wasn't a dog"

we still went out a couple times and are still friends.

Tina @ PlumbPretty said...

Thanks Brittney! :)

oh no Jeff you didn't! lol!

jeana hampton said...

I dont get involved in animal disputes haha

jeana said...

I probably should have read the blog before my comment....sorry. What a jerk

Terra H. said...

The pets were there before he was. His loss!
Sounds like you made your point to him. Hopefully he gets the gist.

Anonymous said...

Must love pets!!!! End of story :)