Saturday, October 24, 2009

Custom Scrabble Tile Pendants

Here's two scrabble tile pendants I made custom for a friend.  She is going to wear them as a "mother's necklace".  Each letter is the first initial of one of her children.  What a super cute idea!

I've decided to offer to make these for my regular customers also.  They would make an excellent christmas present!

These pendants are made from upcycled vintage wooden scrabble tiles that I have cleaned and coated for a shiny finish and attached a silver bail to thread your necklace through.


Priscila said...

I love these!!! Very cool
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Kristin said...

Do you know what sort of material she put the tiles on? A chain? Such a cute idea!

PlumbPretty said...

I'm not sure. I think just a regular chain or ball chain would look nice.