Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trend Micro Titanium Review

My newest BzzAgent campaign is for Trend Micro Titanium virus protection software.  I received this product free to try for 1 year.  The install was easy and the website walked you through step by step.  I had a little trouble with uninstalling my previous virus protection but I believe that was because I had several older virus protection programs still on my computer that I wasn't aware of.  After I removed them the set up was simple and quick.  As with most virus protection you can leave the settings as is or customize to your liking.  I went in to customize mine which was very simple and easy to understand.

My computer is actually running faster with this program and it seems to be doing it's job.  No virus' found as of yet.  I'm sure it will be tested soon as I tend to download a lot from the internet and enjoy wating tv programs online that I miss while I'm at work.  A cool feature is that Trend Micro Titanium lets me know if links on the internet are safe to click on so maybe that's part of the reason why I haven't had to worry about any virus'.

Overall it seems to be a great program.  Easy to use and very affordable.  Go here to check out the program for yourself and receive a special discount!

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