Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love CVS!

If you shop at CVS you MUST HAVE one of these little handy dandy cards and here's why; Today I bought 2 boxes of Clairol hair color for $0.31! Yep you read that right all I paid was the tax. 

Here's how, right now CVS has their Clairol color hair color 2/$5 which worked perfectly for me because I just so happen to have $5 in extra care bucks burning a hole in my wallet!  What are extra care bucks you ask?  They are register rewards you get back when you buy certain items at CVS.  Previously I had went in to buy some shampoo and they had a deal on Aussie products (I love the smell of Aussie!) that if you bought 2 you would get $3 in extra care bucks at the register.  Since I needed it anyway I bought the 2 shampoos and the extra care bucks printed at the register.  This is basically money back that can be used at any CVS on any item you want.  Easy peasy!

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