Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My little Pepper (A rat terrier story)

My little Pepper is so darn cute!  She's the youngest of my 3 dogs so she's the baby and gets treated like a princess!  These pics are typical Pepper.  (She thinks she's queen of the mountain!)  We were washing our throw pillows and had them on the floor in a pile to put in the laundry and Pepper had to climb on top and lounge.  I thought she looked hilarious with her front leg all propped up surveying her kingdom! lol!

In the second pic I think she realized we were laughing at her and gave us her sad face.  Just about breaks your heart don't it?

In case you're wondering she's a 2 year old Rat Terrier from the local Humane Society.  My husband and I adopted her about a year ago and have not stopped laughing since!  She's got to be one of the sweetest and funniest dogs I've ever been around.  When we first went into the kennel part of the Humane Society we walked right by her to the puppies in the back.  We decided that a puppy would be too much work and should look at some older dogs.  We went back into the first kennel and looked at several dogs who were barking and scratching at their cages trying to get to us but I wanted to see the small black and white dog all curled up on her bed with her back to us.  She had a cute little green hankerchief tied around her neck and the tag on the cage said her name was Paisley.    The humane society volunteer met us outside with her and she shyly stood by and looked at us.  She was malnourished, you could see her ribs and tail bone sticking out.  The volunteer brought us a ball and my husband showed it to her and threw it to the other end of the pen.  She shot out like a light super fast and graceful with her long thin legs and little body.  It was amazing how fast those little legs could go!  She brought the ball right back to us.  She stood right in front of us with her little stubby tail wagging 100mph and looking up at us with those big chocolate brown eyes and I was a goner.  She's been our little Pepper ever since! :)


Ashley said...

Cute blog! Thanks for entering my giveaway - I'm glad you found me :)

DuhBe said...

What a cute doggie! I have a rat too, and I'm sure they are the biggest clowns in the whole dog kingdom.

PlumbPretty said...

Thanks Ashley! I'm so glad you came to visit! ;)

PlumbPretty said...

Haha Duhbe I'm sure you're right about that! I'd never really heard of a rat before I got one and I'm so glad I did!