Sunday, June 13, 2010

Handmade jewelry wall hangers on Etsy

My Mom was just complaining that her jewelry box is too small and she can't find the necklaces she wants or they are getting tangled together in the jewelry box she has.

Being the Etsy afficianado that I am I set to work to find just the thing! Check out these fab handmade jewelry holders I came across

I love this beautiful jewelry "tree"! By RedBarkDesigns

This pretty and simple peg board holds a ton of jewelry! By JewelryHoldersForYou

Here's a cute painted board to hang on the wall by tammnoony

This stunner is by Melissa Woods

I love the diversity and creativity that can be found on Etsy and these jewelry holders are a great example of the beautiful craftmanship that the artists put into every piece.  Enjoy!  Maybe my mom will find something she likes!

Oh and if you need any jewelry to hang on your new jewelry holder check out my handmade jewelry shop here.  ;)

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Terra H. said...

That jewelry "tree" is just awesome!