Sunday, April 4, 2010

Free tutorial! How to make spoon pendant jewelry.

Here's a simple necklace I made that I wear all the time.  You don't have to be a master jewelry crafter to make one of these just handy with a dremel tool. 

My Aunt Mary is queen of the auction circuit and since her and my Uncle Ronnie are both retired they love to take their little RV around to all the best auctions from Texas to Wisconsin!  Since my Aunt knows I love to make jewelry from vintage pieces she's always on the look out for special items for me. 

When she told me she had a spoon for me that she got in a lot she bid on that was broken I was mildly interested.  I figured it was just a regular spoon and I could surely find something to make out of it. 

Little did I know how beautiful the spoon was going to be!  I've never seen a spoon with this gorgeous design before. (although I'd love to find more if you know of any place to get them!)  ;)

I set to work immediately sanding down the sharp edges with my dremel sanding bit, running my finger over the sharp edges until I had them super smooth.  Dremel's are great tools and if you don't already have one you should definitely think about investing in one! 

I changed the sanding bit out for a small drill bit and carefully drilled a small hole in the top of the spoon.  Just below where the handle would have been.  Always drill on top of a board or piece of wood so you don't break your drill bit or drill a hole through something you didn't mean to!  If there are any sharp edges around the hole you drilled then just put your sanding bit back on and sand them down the same as you did before.

I then cleaned the whole piece and used some polish and a soft cloth to make it all shiny and pretty.

Depending on how small the hole is you drilled you can either just thread it on your necklace or attach a jump ring for threading.

That's it!  Now that wasn't so hard was it? ;)

If you'd rather just buy your spoon pendants already made here are a few available in my shop.

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