Monday, March 22, 2010

South Beach Diet?

I did horrible at intuitive eating and really didn't lose when I counted calories. The only diet that's ever worked for me was the Atkins diet but since I'm not single anymore and now have a husband and teenage step-daughter to feed it's just not very practical.

The South Beach Diet seems much more doable and after you get through the first two weeks doesn't exclude any foods. Which should make it easier to find meals the whole family will enjoy!

It also encourages 20 minutes of exercise a day and tells you exactly what to do but still lets you decide how to do it (ie treadmill, walking, elliptical....)

So I downloaded the kindle book "The South Beach Diet Supercharged" to my iPhone and am almost finished and started following the eating plan and exercise today.

Anybody had any success with South Beach?

Wish me luck!

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