Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time to move it AND lose it!

I know people always say NOT to do this but being the stubborn Taurus girl that I am I ordered my wedding gown a size smaller than what I actually wear! I've been trying to follow intuitive eating and lose the natural way but it's just not working for me and I'm starting to get a little nervous!

I've always had good luck whenever I do any type of low carb diet but I really do want to be able to do the intuitive eating thing so that I can eat whatever and still be healthy.....

I also realize that sitting on my butt in front of the computer all day and night is probably not helping me get any slimmer either! whoops! So today I did Turbo Jam for the first time. Totally fun but totally KICKED MY BUTT! My fiance is wanting to start Power 90x but I watched it and it looks kinda hard core for me so I may just watch him do that one. hee hee

Anyways wish me luck and whoosh fairies! (that's the fairy that comes while you're sleeping and whooshes the fat away in case you didn't know!)

I know there's positives to both eating styles I just need to pick one and buckle down pronto!


Lorie said...

First, DON'T DO IT!!! You can always have them take your dress in, but you will be miserable if you have to have them let it out. It just isn't the same!!!

So order it in your size and then save your pennies to get it altered when you lose weight.

Good luck with the weight loss!! I hope you find something healthy that works for you!!

PlumbPretty said...

Thanks! Too late I already ordered it! lol It is a corset dress so even if I didn't lose any weight I think I could still wear it.....hopefully.... ;)

{Katie Lane} said...

Wow very brave of you. Sending many whoosh fairies your way :)

PlumbPretty said...

Thank you Katie!!!