Sunday, June 21, 2009

Since starting to plan my own wedding the knot website has been unbelievably helpful.

Being my first wedding and all I had no clue where to begin. I honestly had no clue on how much is involved.........and don't get me started about the politics of it all!!

Seriously I thank God for this site! After entering my wedding date and location upon registration I have all of these great tools to help me plan my wedding down to the last detail. Details that I didn't even KNOW I needed to plan! Bridesmaids tea anyone?

I love signing on and seeing my "count down to the wedding" every day. And the tools are really great. It has a handy dandy budget calculator, guest list, and a notebook that you can save ideas and images to that you've found on the website!

The real weddings posted are beautiful and actually do-able. But the truly most helpful part of the site is the message boards where you can TALK ABOUT YOUR WEDDING TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT! and the girls there are actually interested! unlike your mom, sister, best friend, neighbor, co-workers, mailman, grocery clerk, etc. Happy planning!


Katy Montgomery said...

Hi! Stopping in from SITS! The Knot was helpful for our wedding as well! Love weddings! It's such a great occasion to make so many things personal. A big hit at my wedding was a candy bar. I purchased several glass jars and filled them with various types of candies. Each container had a scoop and I had goody bags with tags that read "You've been a real treat for us!" Of all the wedding favors we had, this one was the best. Another couple I know had a vase and rocks. Rather than signing a book, each guest signed a rock and they filled the vase with the rocks. It was a great keepsake for them. So many ideas for getting married. Congrats!

PlumbPretty said...

I was thinking about having a candy buffet. Not sure yet how it's going to work but I've been eye-balling them!

I've heard of the rock thing. That's a really neat idea! I think I'm just going to make a photo book on snapfish or shutterly and have people sign next to the pics.