Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scrabble Tile Pendants

I had seen these pendants all over etsy and thought.....I could do that!

I first started out using small wood tiles from the craft store so I would not mess up any of the actuall Scrabble tiles that I had. I got my wood Scrabble tiles from a friend.

A lot of people are using pre-printed images that are specially made to go on the scrabble tiles but I wanted more of a challenge so instead I looked through magazines I had laying around my house and cut interesting images out of them to size for my tiles and then glued them on. I then used modge podge to cover the image and seal it. After that dried I covered the front with a clear resin (took about a day to dry) and sprayed the back with clear spray. After those dried I used a strong glue on the back to adhere the silver bails. And that was it! Super cute pendants!

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